Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

     As a marketer it is important to understand the difference between traditional marketing and internet marketing.  Many "guru's" will try and teach you the tricks of the trade when it comes to marketing online.  Many claim the "Have the secret formula" or they "know the full proof method" of increasing your online sales.  Many times, however, it is an invitation for you to learn the secret black hat methods of marketing of even just an elaborate scam filled with general knowledge you could have found for free on Hubspot. 

     Fortunately for us there are real guru's of the internet who actually teach solid internet marketing principles.  The only problem is many people don't know where to find them.  That's the whole reason why we created The Marketers Library; to help those who are looking for real advice from the real experts.

     One of those experts I'm talking about is David Meerman Scott.  David is a dominant thought leader in the world of internet marketing.  He spends his time teaching seminars that educate people about the New Rules of Marketing and PR, and for those who don't know, David has published an awesome book called The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

     During my first semester in college The New Rules of Marketing and PR was actually the textbook for my Introduction to Internet Marketing class.  I found it so fascinating that by the time I had finished reading the book I spent the entire winter break searching for any materials I could find about internet marketing and what I need to do to become successful.  From David's book I learned:

- Marketing techniques have changed over the last 50 years and If you don't learn The New Rules of Marketing and PR, you'll lose your customers to the competition that has.
- The importance of blogging and monitoring the Blogosphere
- How podcasts and viral videos have the potential of greatly increasing your viewership and thereby increasing your sales in general.
- What thought leadership is and why you would benefit from becoming a thought leader
- How to reach your buyers directly
- and soo much more!

     How relevant would I say this information is to the aspiring internet marketer?  I would place this book as a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10.  If the leading media school in the nation regards what David is teaching as important enough to use it as their text book then I am not the only person who feels the same way.


  1. Hello. I'm so glad that you like my book. Many thanks for blogging about it here.

    Where did you go to school?

    PS - a second edition came out this month.

    Good luck implementing the ideas.

  2. Sorry it took so long to respond. School has been intense. I attend Full Sail University's online Internet Marketing Degree.