Sunday, November 14, 2010

Camping For All Viral Marketing Campaign

Below is a viral marketing concept for the VMK class at Full Sail University.  I would explain it right now but I want you to watch it first then read the explanation below.  Once you've seen it and have read the explanation, comment below it you had the same impression I was trying to portray, and give any ideas following the same marketing idea.  What other ways can we develop the idea of making Camping For All your portal to the great outdoors?

The concept behind the video is a child wants his technology savvy father to take him to the great outdoors for some one on one father son time. The father is so wrapped up in technology he doesn't realize that his son is doing something nearly impossible. The tent is set up in the backyard and once the father get's in the tent is magically transported to the great outdoors. The original idea was to take the tent and set it up in a completely secluded location. Unfortunately due to time constraints and weather conditions we were unable to film on location and had to use the studio.

Did you get the same impression?

What other scenarios can we make that would further the concept of Camping for All being the "Portal" to the great outdoors.

Leave your funny or interesting comments in the comment section BEEELLLLOOOOWWWW!

P.S.  A big special thank you to Dean and Rueben for acting in the film!

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